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A Full Range of Rental Management Services


Rental Property Management

Hand over the key to the client in Vancouver, BC

Rental Property Management - Full Service 

A full range of rental property management services are designed for clients who want to take an entirely hands-off approach. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • A free estimate and evaluation of property

House kitchen in a rental property in Burnaby

Rental Property Management - Placement Services

The Placement Services Only are for those landlords who need assistance finding the best suitable tenant, but who would like to manage the property and tenant themselves. These services include:

  • Rental Value Assessment ....

House in Richmond, BC
Why Rent from a property management company?

As a tenant, it is beneficial for you to rent from a professional, licensed Metrowest Property Manager. In addition to excellent customer service, a Metrowest Property Manager has sound knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and will ensure that all steps relating to a tenancy are taken ...

Hi-rise strata building in Vancouver, BC
Rental Property Management

Metrowest Building Services Limited is the licensee to provide the property management services to the property management services to the public in Vancouver and the other surrounding cities throughout Metro ...

Why hire or deal with a property manager?

Hiring a rental property manager is a personal decision. Here are several items to consider to help you, the owner determine if you should hire a professional to manage his/her ...

Landlord's tolerance for dealing with tenants

Metrowest Rental Property Manager will help you with balancing the issue: You are affordable to hire a professional property manager without worrying the matter of management ...


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