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 Metrowest Strata Management Division: Developer Services 

Metrowest Strata Management Division: Developer Services​

For new Strata Corporations, Metrowest Strata Management Division provides the essential forward thinking required to establish the proper financial systems and policies and procedures to set a strong foundation prior to the initial occupancy period. Big or small, we have a professional management plan for your new development that will set the true course for a stable and successful project. We can help with the following:

  • Disclosure statement guidance and assistance

  • Accurate and guaranteed interim budget preparation

  • Rental disclosure statements

  • Bylaw consultation

  • Phased planning and development

  • Management plans and owner information packages

  • Contract negotiation and set up

  • Documentation and maintenance of important records

  • Long term maintenance plans

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Deficiency documentation through knowledge and guidelines

Team Discussion in Vancouver, BC

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