Strata Management

Metrowest Strata Management: Full Services 

A Metrowest strata property manager is a licensed professional who works for a strata management company. A strata manager makes it easier for the strata council to operate a residential strata or a commercial strata. The manager can handle paperwork, prepare for meetings, take minutes, hire qualified services and much more. Metrowest Strata Management offers ...

Metrowest Strata Management: Consulting Service​​s

Metrowest Strata Management Division has created a property management system that is DIFFERENT. Our system allows our managers to provide more hands on, face to face service. Regular site visits, working directly with council on both day to day and future plans. Helping council members understand their roles and responsibilities as council members. Working in a cooperative, transparent and friendly manner to develop strategies to save owners money where possible, to raise the asset value of the property, and run the business of the corporation efficiently are all part of our management philosophy  ...

Metrowest Strata Management: Accounting Service Only 

Due to the size of a strata corporation (or section), to save funds, a strata corporation or a section may choose to pay for a few services like Accounting Service Only. Metrowest Strata Management offers the following services in this regard:

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Preparing budgets ...

Metrowest Strata Management: Developer Services​

For new Strata Corporations, Metrowest Strata Management Division provides the essential forward thinking required to establish the proper financial systems and policies and procedures to set a strong foundation prior to the initial occupancy period. Big or small, Big or small, we have a professional management plan for your new development that will set the true course for a stable and successful project. We can help with the following:

  • Disclosure statement guidance and assistance

  • Accurate and guaranteed interim budget ...

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