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Real estate management, i.e. property management includes strata management and rental property management. It is a kind of services to different people with different needs. Thus, property management must be based on clients needs and be client oriented.

Metrowest Building Services Ltd is this kind of company conducting the client oriented real estate services; thus, their clients feel different at Metrowest. This company takes an approach to sales and client-relations in which the licensed property managers and support staff focus on helping clients to meet their long-term needs of property management. Here, Metrowest property management team and other support employees align their individual and team objectives around satisfying and retaining clients. Metrowest approach includes developing a quality service appreciate by clients; responding promptly; respectfully to client’s concerns and queries; and dealing sensitively with community issues.

As a locally owned and operated property management company, Metrowest offers the highest service level Metrowest consists of a group of ethical real estate service professionals dedicated to meeting their clients' unique real estate service needs, being reliable, professional and competitive. To seek a management proposal, please                     

Where to Provide Services

Metrowest Building Services Limited is conducting business of real estate service with focus on strata management, rental property management and real estate trading services in the Western Canada largest city - Vancouver and  other surrounding cities such as Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and CoquitlamIf you need real estate management and trading within these areas, please simply contact us by 

What Services to Provide

     Strata Management

Metrowest Building Services Limited provides professional, experienced and considerable strata management with the highest level of services, including full serves or accounting only; apartment strata, townhouse strata; residential strata, commercial strata; typed strata, sectioned strata. 

        Rental Property

Metrowest Building Services Limited provides professional, experienced and considerable rental property management services, including furnished and unfurnished units; lease-up service; rental building management.   

Real Estate Trading

Metrowest Building Services Limited provides quality services of real estate trading.


Buying your home? Metrowest can help you affordable property property in the best suitable neighborhoods.

Looking to upgrade? It is time to sell and find the next better property. Let us help you navigate the ins & outs of your next move. 

Right-Sizing? You've become an empty nester, or jest need a different space - we will help you find the right spec for your next home. 

Moving to Metro Vancouver? Need someone who speaks your language and knows your future community - find an agent in Metrowest that does both. 

Looking for Luxury? Metrowest Collection features exclusive luxury properties. Find & work with a right agent that understands you luxury market. 

To get assistance, please

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