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Metrowest Building Services Limited

Metrowest Building Services Limited is licensed under the Real Estate Act to provide services of strata management, rental property management and real estate trading in British Columbia. With an unmatched combination of deep industry experience, local market expertise and personalized attention, Metrowest delivers proven solutions and exceptional services. Thus, its dedication to client success and customer service has made Metrowest one of the best property management companies in Vancouver.


Metrowest Strata Management


Metrowest Management Team provides professional, experienced and considerable strata management with the highest level of services, including full serves or accounting only; apartment strata, townhouse strata; residential strata, commercial strata; typed strata, sectioned strata.  Metrowest is the best choice for professional strata management services in Metro Vancouver. This company’s customized, quality services are instrumental in maximizing property values and marketability. Click here to see how they manage a strata corporation. 

Metrowest Rental Property Management

Metrowest Building Services Limited provides a full range of rental property management services or tenants placement services only, ranging from finding and screening renters to collecting rent and handling tenancy issues and repairs. Metrowest gets optimized rental value for its clients Property, gains crucial insight into current market conditions and determine its clients’ cash flow from monthly rental value. You will definitely find it beneficial to work with Metrowest Rental Property Management Team.  

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Metrowest Real Estate Trading Services

Metrowest Building Services Limited provides quality services of real estate trading.

Buying your home? Metrowest can help you affordable property property in the best suitable neighborhoods.

Looking to upgrade? It is time to sell and find the next better property. Let us help you navigate the ins & outs of your next move. 

Moving to Metro Vancouver? Need someone who speaks your language and knows your future community - find an agent in Metrowest that does both. 

Professional  Services

Strata Management
Residential Strata Corp
Commercial Strata Corp
Mixed Residential & Commercial Strata Corp
Sectioned Strata Corporation
Typed Strata Corporation
High Rise Strata Corp
Low Rise Strata Corp
Full Services
Accounting Service Only

Rental Property Management
Strata Unit Rental Management
Detached House Rental Management
Rental Apartment Building 
Rental Full Services
Rental Placement Only

Real Estate Trading Services
Listing Agent
Buyer's Agent (Sale's Agent)


Service Areas

Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated, Metrowest Building Services Limited is conducting business of real estate service with focus on strata management and rental property management in the Western Canada largest city - Vancouver and  other surrounding cities, such as Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, New Westminster,  Coquitlam, North Vancouver,  West Vancouver. Please click here for inquiry.

Mission Statements

Metrowest mission statement is to deliver our positive impact and meaningful promise and action to our clients. 

Primary Objective

Metrowest primary objective is to help guide clients through the complexities of managing their properties efficiently and satisfactorily, while ensuring clients are in compliance with the Acts.


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