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Limitation on the Strata Manager

Under the Strata Property Act and regulations, a strata manager or strata management company cannot:

  • act as an arbitrator in an arbitration proceeding without the consent of all parties

  • keep strata corporation records beyond four weeks after the termination of the contract

  • act as a proxy holder for any voter in the strata corporation

  • hold a hearing on behalf of the strata council

​Under the Standard Bylaws (which can be amended), a strata manager cannot:

  • determine if a person has contravened a bylaw or rule

  • determine if a person should be fined or determine the amount of a fine for the contravention of the bylaws or rules

  • determine if a person should be denied access to a recreational facility

  • spend strata corporation money for a specific expenditure without a strata council resolution authorizing the specific expenditure or

  • spend strata corporation money for general expenditures without a delegation of a general spending authority by a strata council resolution. The resolution must set out the maximum sums that can be spent, the purposes for which money can be spent and any conditions that have to be met before money can be spent.

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